Satta king game has been divided into four groups to maintain its flexibility. Gali Satta is one of them which is the most famous among them, Gali Satta gives the highest work to its managers. the timing of Gali Satta is the main role for its popularity as mostly player is free the time of its Satta result as it opens its result around 11:30 PM. Gali Satta’s result comes in the market of Satta king after the tremendous performance for Desawar game which is the starting form of the Satta king game. You can find this game on every Satta king website as the website get a good amount of visitors at the time of the Gali result. we are also updating the Gali Satta king result on our website. you can also find Satta king record chart of the current year and serious years as well. we have developed our Satta king record chart os all game very user friendly. the colour combination od this chart clearly showing all the Satta king result. we hope you will enjoy findly you lucky number from our Satta king record chart.